Important Notice Regarding COVID-19

Adhering to the guidance from the Queensland Department of Health,  social distancing must be maintained within the Chapel – this means we are only permitted to have 10 guests within the Chapel, plus celebrant and couple.

A register of attendees is required for possible contact tracing – all guests must provide their name and telephone number on arrival at the Chapel.

From Friday June 12th 2020, the government will allow a further 10 guests to be present at weddings with social distancing to be maintained.  Given the size of the Chapel, this means the additional 10 guests will need to be seated outside on the deck of the Chapel.

To clarify again – the changes that will commence as of 12/6/2020 to increase capacity to 20 will only permit a further 10 guests to be seated on the deck of the Chapel.  That will be our capacity limit until such time as social distancing requirements are lifted. It doesn’t matter if the Queensland Department of Health advises in July that we can have 50 guests, so long as the social distancing requirement is in place, 20 will be our upper limit.

For more information please visit Queensland Health’s website.

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